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The Digital Tools You Need to Effectively Reach Your Consumers

Social Media Programs

Social media is the newspaper of the next generation. Over 70% of all shoppers use social media every day, so it is imperative that independent grocery retailers communicate with them consistently and logically to retain current and attract new shoppers.

  • Consistently posting relevant messages to your shoppers is difficult for most independent retailers due to the demands of operating your store
  • Promoting store sales, recipe ideas, instructive videos, and more should be happening every week through multiple posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • Build a stronger community of loyal shoppers using social media
  • Grow your social community with paid boosts of your posts that reach potential shoppers in your area

Build Your Brand

Tell shoppers why they should shop your store!
Deliver your message at the Point-of-Decision Making, in-store, in-the-aisle, to engaged shoppers, prepared to purchase, where 78% of shopping decisions are made.

  • Introduce new items
  • Capture shopper email addresses
  • Repurpose your digital assets: recipes, videos, promotional deals, everything digital
  • Connect shoppers to your local products

Email Marketing

Email campaigns drive traffic to the web and in-store by providing timely, relevant content every shopper is interested in including the weekly ad, recipes, coupons, and special store offers. The SHOPtoCOOK Newsletter application handles simple email blasts to more complex newsletters featuring custom banners, coupons, recipes, and promotions. The expanded content results in some of the industry’s highest open and click-through rates confirming shoppers appreciate the content.

Graphic design is based on the weekly ad circular or holiday theme for the week. Robust email campaigns are designed to create incentives for collecting email addresses via contests and special offers for signing up. “Clean” email addresses are critical and if not managed properly can lead to mass rejections. Emails are run through a cleaning process to reduce risk and improve open rates.

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