In Store Media

Connecting with customers, in the aisle, ready to shop.

Main Features

The SHOPtoCOOK kiosk expands your digital marketing strategy in-store by integrating loyalty, print and digital couponing, digital circular, meal planning, and health & wellness all in one easy-to-use platform your shoppers will embrace.


Print or Digital COUPON access to hundreds of CPG coupons and exclusive store offers


Meal planning ideas with 6,000 kitchen-tested recipes


Access loyalty programs for value-added offers


Easy access to weekly ad circular

Merchandising strategies

Extend merchandising strategies into the aisle:

  • Customize your own deals
  • Incentivize engagement
  • Expand loyalty offers
  • Promote new products with information and offers
  • Market to your shoppers without telegraphing to the competition
  • Reward shoppers for choosing your store