Why Partner with SHOPtoCOOK?

We offer a media platform that levels the playing field for independent grocers to compete with large-scale retailers by joining our massive digital media network.

Our cost-effective, open, and integrated platform allows you to enter and expand your digital strategies.
INSPIRING, INCENTIVIZING, and INFORMING your customers at every aspect of the path to purchase!

Deliver a consistent, cohesive brand message and promotions with digital & print coupon distribution in real-time via web, mobile, e-newsletters, and in-store inspirational kiosks. Provide a single point of contact for all your digital media needs.

Introducing ADSTA:
A New Horizon For CPG’s

We’ve built a one-of-a-kind offering to reach the Independent Retail audience, ensuring 100% compliance and execution. The platform is proven to be effective at converting online engagements into in-store purchases.

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We are in it for your success

Nothing lights us up more than when our customers succeed.

That’s why SHOPtoCOOK provides our partners a fully integrated omni-channel platform covering in-home, mobile, in-store, and social media platforms.

Integration with loyalty and other special programs already in place, making cost-efficient and incremental growth possible.

Engagement on all levels and generations of customers:

  • Largest and most loyal customers
  • Meal planning and meal solution communications
  • Engaging content
  • Maximizes value presentation

Fully customized and easily updated platform for continuous engagement with your customers.

An efficient and targeted media platform.

Need More Reasons?
How About 1,200?

Over 1,200 retail locations are currently leveraging the SHOPtoCOOK platform. It is not always about the numbers, but it’s what the numbers tell us.

Want to join SHOPtoCOOK and start seeing results with your digital media strategy?

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