ShoptoCook is your one-stop-shop for customer-facing digital technology
Connect with customers in the aisle
Drive traffic to center store as shoppers pick up savings from over 400 continuously updated coupons. Or, for the meal planner, help drive shoppers to the perimeter in search of meal ideas built around fresh. Either way, Digital drives Dollars!
Showcase your company online
Every site is customized to align with your marketing and merchandising efforts. Shift from print to digital with our online interactive ad circular!
Embrace the power of mobile
Responsively designed websites flow smoothly on any sized screen, providing an optimal experience on phones and tablets. Mobile apps can take the experience to the next level!
In-Store Kiosk


Connect with customers in the aisle, cart in hand.

The ShoptoCook “media center”, drives traffic to center store as shoppers pick up savings from over 400 continuously updated coupons.

Or, for the meal planner, help drive shoppers to the perimeter in search of meal ideas built around fresh. Either way, Digital drives Dollars!

  • Print or Digital COUPON access to hundreds of CPG coupons and exclusive store offers
  • Meal planning ideas with over 8,000 recipes
  • Easy access to weekly ad circular & shopping list
  • Access loyalty programs for value added offers
  • Extend merchandising strategies into the aisle:
    • Customize your own deals
    • Incentivize engagement
    • Expand loyalty offers
    • Promote new products with information and offers
    • Capture shopper feedback

Click here for a video demonstration.


ShoptoCook builds and maintains grocery websites for independent retailers, ad groups, agencies, and retail chains across the United States.

ShoptoCook supports over 1,000 stores across 30+ states, with millions of views each month. Shoppers quickly browse the weekly ad circular; build a shopping list, plan meals, clip coupons, place an on-line order, sign up for eNewsletters, and keep current on local promotions and community events.

Local content builds relevancy making the site feel like it belongs to the community; an important asset for every Independent Retailer.

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  • Showcase your company and your marketing message
  • Every site customized to align with your marketing and merchandising efforts
  • All sites optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Connect seamlessly with all social media
  • Interactive ad circular extends access to all digital displays (Hint: Shift from print to digital and pocket the difference, it's time!)
  • Coupon feature provides easy access for meal planners, ahead of their trip.
  • Feature local and relevant content
  • Full sites or plug-ins

Click here for a video demonstration.


Mobile traffic currently represents 35% of total web site activity for the average Independent Grocery Retailer and growing. ShoptoCook designs sites in responsive web design (RWD) which offers easy viewing and navigation with a minimum of resizing across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). With this new technology, the distinction between a web site and a mobile becomes less significant. RWD lowers cost and increases response time to design and technology changes.

When a stand alone mobile application is desired, ShoptoCook can do that too! Your choice; at home, on-the-go, or instore; solutions for every time and place.

  • Easy viewing of content, formatted specifically for every type of phone display
  • Consistent look and feel across all devices
  • New content, new phones, new strategy? Everything updated simultaneously - multiple displays, single point of contact for all interactive needs
  • Integrated or stand alone applications - whatever your need, ShoptoCook is your digital resource today and into the future. Reduce anxiety, focus on business, and let us keep you on the edge of customer facing technology!

Other Services

In addition to our core in-store, web, and mobile solutions, we also offer a number of other services featured below.


Many shoppers do not plan ahead of a shopping trip, and others do not have time to visit their Retailer’s web site prior to every store visit. For many shoppers, the ShoptoCook Kiosk is more convenient than either web or mobile to access digital coupons.

  • Hundreds of printable coupons in-the-aisle.
  • Interactive coupon center on the web.
  • Create your own coupons and deploy them to you website or in-store.
Services - Coupons


Email campaigns and eBlasts drive traffic to the web and in-store by providing timely, relevant content every shopper is interested in including the weekly ad, recipes, coupons and special store offers. The ShoptoCook Newsletter application handles simple email blasts to more complex newsletters featuring custom banners, coupons, recipes, and promotions. The expanded content results in some of the industry’s highest open and click through rates confirming shoppers appreciate the content.

Graphic design is based on the weekly ad circular or holiday theme for the week. Robust email campaigns are designed to create incentives for collecting email addresses via contests and special offers for signing up. “Clean” email address are critical and if not managed properly can lead to mass rejections. Emails are run through a cleaning process to reduce risk and improve open rates.
Services - Newsletters


Engaging content helps make meal planning and trip management in the aisle a little easier.

The recipe database contains 13,582 recipes with new content entered daily. Recipes come from trusted sources including Marketing Boards, Brands, and Councils. Every recipe includes a high resolution photo of the finished product. The updated recipe database is deployed to websites each week based on new additions, seasonal and holiday updates. Each recipe is manually reviewed by a team of “foodies” and associated with up to 1,000 unique tags to aid in searching and ingredient associations. Recipes are a major investment at ShoptoCook!
Services - Recipes

Brand Advertising

Deliver your brand message at the Point-of-Decision Making, in-store, in-the-aisle, to engaged shoppers, cart-in-hand, prepared to purchase, where 78% of decisions are made!

Move product, period. Introduce new items. Capture shopper email addresses. Repurpose your digital assets into the aisle! Recipes, videos, promotional deals, games, everything digital.
Services - Brand Advertising