The Web is for Planners, but the Kiosk is for Shoppers

The chart below reflects daily usage patterns in ShoptoCook’s retailer web site network compared to shoppers usage of the ReDe in-store kiosk network.  Web site usage peaks on Wednesdays reflecting publication of Weekly Ad Circulars, while in-store kiosk usage peaks on Saturday,  reflecting shopper traffic patterns in the aisle, cart in hand, preparing to purchase. The web […]

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Will Americans ever give up their paper coupons?

Will Americans ever give up their paper coupons? By George Anderson Retail Wire Discussion November 6, 2015 “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work” — that was one Millennial’s perspective. Paper and digital trigger different parts of the brain as many studies are discovering. Last month Forbes featured a study on the question and […]

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Interesting article from Nielsen: DIGITALLY DISRUPTING THE HABITUAL SHOPPING ROUTINE, CONSUMER | 09-29-2015 One takeaway from a close read of the article is we’re still not reaching enough shoppers with online alone – just 7% which is consistent with our data.   “While digital engagement pre-store plays a notable role in the path to purchase, it’s still forging […]

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