Instore Media = ReDe to Engage Kiosks


Connect with customers in the aisle, cart in handThe ReDe to Engage “media center”, drives traffic to center store as shoppers pick up savings from over 400 continuously update coupons. Or, for the meal planner, help drive shoppers to the perimeter in search of meal ideas built around fresh. Either way,Digital drives Dollars!

  • Print or Digital COUPON access to hundreds of CPG coupons and exclusive store offers
  • Meal planning ideas with over 8.000 recipes
  • Easy access to weekly ad circular & shopping list
  • Access loyalty programs for value added offers
  • Extend merchandising strategies into the aisle:
    • Customize your own deals
    • Incentivize engagement
    • Expand loyalty offers
    • Promote new products with information and offers
    • Capture shopper feedback