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Sweet Ginger Pork Chops
Courtesy of National Pork Board
Serve With:
Basmati Rice

Stir-fry Vegetables

Pineapple Slices
Servings: 4
Prep Time: 10 Min.
Cook Time: 15 Min.
Marinate: 2 Hr.
What you need:
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+ 4 butterflied pork chops, (about 4 oz. ea.)
+ 1 tsp. ground ginger
+ 2 garlic cloves, minced
+ 3 Tbsp. soy sauce
+ 1/2 c. honey
+ 2 Tbsp. butter, melted
What to do:
1. Rub each chop with ginger and garlic.
2. Combine soy sauce, honey and butter. Place chops and marinade in self-sealing bag.
3. Marinate chops at least 2 hrs. or overnight in refrigerator.
4. Remove chops and discard marinade.
5. Grill chops, directly over heat for about 10-12 min., turning once until internal temperature on a thermometer reads 145°F, followed by a 3-min. rest time.

* Recipe and photo courtesy of National Pork Board. For more recipes visit:
Wine pairings:
Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Merlot
Nutritional information:
Calories: 184;   Total Fat: 8g;   Saturated Fat: 2g;   Cholesterol: 70mg;   Total Carbs: 6g;   Fiber: 3g;   Protein: 23g;   Sodium: 1300mg;  
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